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Let's Talk about It Book Series BLC520


The sensitively written Let's Talk About It Books encourage preschool-age and early-grades children to explore their feelings, deal with problems that trouble them, and understand others who have problems of their own. Each title speaks to a particular concern that children might encounter in the course of growing up. All books in this series have appealing color illustrations on every page, and are available in both English and Spanish language editions. A short section at the back of each book offers related advice to parents.


Book Titles:
Do You Have a Secret你有秘密吗?(如何让孩子说出压在心底的秘密)
Mom Works too妈妈要去上班啦!(如何帮助孩子理解并尊重父母的工作)
Lost and Found我爱妈妈(我和妈妈走散了,如何找到妈妈)
My Brother is Autistic不一样的弟弟(如何和有自闭症的孩子相处)
Daddy's Getting Married爸爸,我永远爱你(如何让孩子面对父母的再婚)
I Remember再见,小狗 (如何帮助孩子面对宠物的死亡)
My Grandparents are Special亲爱的爷爷奶奶 (如何让孩子学会跟爷爷奶奶友好相处)
My Friend Has Down Syndrome特别的朋友(我的朋友很特别, 但是他是最棒的)
When My Parents Forgot How to be Friends谢谢你们依然爱我(父母离婚了,如何让孩子重新拥有健康的心态)
Are You Shy我不害羞(如何让孩子摆脱害羞的困扰)
The Colors of the Rainbow不一样的我(每个人都不一样,如何接纳不一样的别人呢)
Mom Has Cancer加油,妈妈!(家人患了重病,如何让孩子勇敢面对它)

By Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, Illustrated by Marta Fabrega, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 35 pages/book, 8.5"x8.5"
Item: Let's Talk about It Book Series
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