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Caillou Children Behavior Management Series BLC534


Hoping to alleviate his boredom, Caillou decides to surprise his mother with a new recipe. Hard at work in the kitchen, he becomes covered with flour, and a puddle of honey causes his feet to stick to the floor. His thoughtful gesture is creating messy results! Relevant to real development issues, this delightful adventure illustrates that even the best of intentions can have an occasional downfall. Caillou Children Behavior Management Series provides toddlers with the opportunity to learn about life along with a remarkably relatable Caillou, this successful series teaches kids about themselves and encourages communication between children and adults.


Book Titles:
Parents Are Not At Home爸爸妈妈不在家
Dad is Role Model爸爸是榜样
No No不,我不!
I Do Not Want to Eat我不想吃饭
I Do Not Want to Sleep我不想睡觉
It is Time to Pee嘘嘘时间到了
I am a Good Brother我是好哥哥
I Can Sleep by Myself我能自己睡觉啦
Mom is Mine妈妈是我的
No More Diaper不穿纸尿裤啦
Get Rid of Bad Habbit戒掉小癖好

By Nicole Nadeau, Paperback, Illustrated by Pierre Brignaud, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 54 pages/book, 8.25"x7.3"
Item: Caillou Children Behavior Management Series
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