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Gail Gibbons Child's Encyclopedia Series 4 BLC699


This emergent reader series introduces children to different phenomenons and objects from our planet earth as well as the ever-expanding space. Have you ever wonder where does coral reefs come from or why does the moon change its shape? If the answer is yes then this is the perfect series for you. Young readers will explore a wide range of topics through Gibbon's informative text and clearn, detailed illustartions.


Book Titles:
Galaxies, Galaxies 星系
The Planets 行星
Stargazers 恒星
The Moon Book 月亮
Marshes & Swamps 沼泽和湿地
Deserts 沙漠
Coral Reefs 珊瑚礁
Weather Words and What They Mean 气象
Hurricanes 飓风
Tornadoes 龙卷风
The Reasons for Seasons 季节
Surrounded by Sea 四面环海

By Gail Gibbons, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 9.75"x9.75"
Item: Gail Gibbons Child's Encyclopedia Series 4
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