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National Geographic Kids Readers (26 Books) BLC933


Leveled readers are great for independent reading or for reading aloud; this set is ideal for kids who are just starting to learn how to read. Each book contains beautiful color photographs and exciting facts that will encourage young scientists to learn more about animals, nature, and inventions. 

Book Titles: 

Day and Night 白天和夜晚
Follow Me! 跟我学
Farm Animals 忙碌的农场
Predator Face-Off 捕食者对峙​​​​​​
City and Country 城市和乡村
Caterpillar and Butterfly 蝴蝶的一生
Lions 狮子
Giraffes 长颈鹿
Polar Bears 北极熊
Sea Otters 海獭
Dinosaurs 恐龙
Koalas 树袋熊
Elephants 大象
In the Forest 在树林里
Plants 神奇的植物
Seed to Plant 植物种子
Pyramids 金字塔
Trains 火车
Halloween 万圣节
Wild Cats 野生猫科动物
Spiders 蜘蛛
Red Pandas 小熊猫
Ponies 小型马
Turtles 乌龟
Cats 猫科动物
Owls 猫头鹰

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 8.25x5.5
Item: National Geographic Kids Readers (26 Books)
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