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Infographic: How It Works BLC951


This series will lead readers to explore the process of this world and the universe, from the movement of crustal plates to the enzymes that break down food in the human body, involving all aspects of people's lives. Each process is clearly explained in the book with perfect infographics and popular science knowledge. The author also uses experiments or exercises in the book to allow readers to try to explore scientific knowledge.

If you are curious about how the earth is formed, how the engine is started, how the gadgets in daily life operate, how the human body works, how life on earth lives, and how everything in the universe works, then this set of books is a good choice. This series uses exquisite infographics and concise text to explore space, earth, life, human body, technology and machinery. Step-by-step study of the art of infographics and interesting natural phenomena, reveal the complex truth-try to challenge each page's puzzling questions!



Book Titles:
Our Universe 浩瀚无垠的太空
Our Planet 千变万化的地球
Life on Earth 不可思议的生命
Your Body 奇妙无穷的人体
Today's Technology 日新月异的科技
Machines and Motors 精巧实用的机械

By Jon Richards, Illustrated by Jonathan Vipond, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 10.1x7.7
Item: Infographic: How It Works
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