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New Slang of China BLD003


This dictionary of New Slang of China contains nearly 1300 entries of the most popular and widely used slang that has emerged in recent years. It includes spoken language, colloquial expressions, jargon, argot, cant, influential and representative dialects and local expressions. Among them are many newly created words, old words with new definitions and foreign words. Through this dictionary you can learn more new and popular words used by common people, enlarge vocabulary, master word usage and expressions and make your conversation more interesting and appealing. Each slang is explained with Pinyin, Chinese characters and English, as well as examples how to use the slang. Xiaoning says this is, "A great book for anyone who wants to learn the real Chinese daily spoken language... recommended for anyone who travels in China and wants to speak Chinese as the Chinese do!"

Here is a review from one of our customers Elizabeth Yu: "While studying Chinese as a young college student in New York City it was always a chore to memorize vocabulary words and grammar, yet it was great fun to learn slang. Slang as a colloquial spoken language is vividly flavored with local color. It is informal, direct and often humorous. It is pleasing to see that some of the most recent Chinese slang has now been compiled into a book. Understanding these phrases and expressions will enable you to more fully savor the richness and excellence of the Chinese language and culture.The words in this reference book are arranged alphabetically in pinyin. Following each word or words is a sentence in simplified Chinese characters and English showing how the words are used in everyday language. Whether you are planning a trip to China or would just like to enrich your own knowledge of Chinese this is a useful book to have."

By Shujuan Li, Ligang Yan, Paperback, 357 Pages, 5.5'' x 8''
Item: New Slang of China
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