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Essential Cantonese Phrase Book BLD019


This phrase book covers all the subjects you are likely to come across during the course of your visit to Hong Kong and other parts of China where Cantonese is spoken - from reserving a room in a hotel to ordering food and drink in a restaurant, what to do if your car breaks down or you lose your traveler's checks and money. With over 2,000 commonly used words and essential phrases at your fingertips, you can rest assured that you will be able to get by in all situations. The phrases are arranged by topic in the book so they are easy to find. In each case, the English word or phrase is followed by its Chinese equivalent. The book contains the Simplified Chinese characters as well as Pinyin pronunciations for easy communication. There are also lots of useful tips about Chinese culture, such as how to do a handshake or how to address others in different situations. This book might become your most valuable resource during your trip to China. A similar phrase book for Mandarin is also available.

By Philip Yungkin Lee, Paperback, English, Simplified Chinese Characters & Pinyin, 160 Pages, 4'' x 7.5''
Item: Essential Cantonese Phrase Book
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