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Popular Chinese Expressions BLD049


This book, as a Chinese-English modern Chinese dictionary, includes the most popular words and phrases of the 21st century, especially those that have emerged in the past two years, including words and phrases frequently used in both the media and daily life. All entries are newly created and cover the fields of politics, society, economy, science, technology, culture and entertainment, fashion, internet, work and study and general life.  There are 800 entries in this book and each entry includes phonetic pronunication, definition and examples on how to use the phrase in daily life. The purpose of this book is to help students and foreigners in their studies and understanding of the words and expressions that they read in newspapers and magazines, watch on TV and hear in everyday conversations.

By Li Shujuan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, English & Pinyin, 179 pages, 6.15"x 8.65''
Item: Popular Chinese Expressions
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