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Pop Chinese - Contemporary Colloquial Expressions BLD053


As successful learners of Chinese start watching Chinese-language TV, making friends with native speakers, and reading contemporary publications, they encounter unfamiliar idiomatic expressions. Learning to use such colloquial language can be a fun and important part of gaining fluency in the language. This bilingual handbook contains 1,200 informal colloquial idioms and phrases popular in China today, with usage examples from over 500 popular films, TV series, and contemporary novels and short stories. This revised 2nd edition includes a new English-Chinese index and a bibliography of sources, making it a useful reference for Chinese learners of English. Pop Chinese is perfect for intermediate and advanced students; as a companion teaching tool to Chinese classes in contemporary language, film, and literature; for overseas Chinese programs; and as an essential reference on spoken Chinese for translators and researchers. Simplified characters and pinyin, with traditional equivalents for head entries. Ideal For: Learners at intermediate or advanced level; work/study abroad preparation.

Paperback, Simplified & Traditional Characters, Pinyin and English, 466 pages, 6.05" x 9" X 1", 2nd Edition
Item: Pop Chinese - Contemporary Colloquial Expressions
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