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The Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese BLD063


This multi-functional Chinese learner’s dictionary for foreigners is compiled by experienced experts who are engaged in TCSL. It includes the following features: over 2400 commonly used characters and about 10000 words are included, providing coverage of various TCSL textbooks and vocabulary lists; each entry includes different items which serve as short cuts for dictionary users and under which words (the first morpheme being the headword) of the same item are grouped, thus helping foreign learners pinpoint the information they are looking for; concise and simple Chinese is used in defining; language in use and collocations are illustrated by typical example sentences; over 800 columns of “Notice”, over 150 columns of “Synonyms” and over 700 colored illustrations are included; useful information is provided in the appendix (Key Grammar Points in Contemporary Chinese, Commonly used Chinese Surnames, Appellation List of the Chinese Relatives). It is ideal for Chinese learners (foreigners and students of other nationalities) and CSL teachers.


  • 一部多功能的外国人学汉语词典,由长期从事对外汉语教学与研究的专家编写。
  • 收常用字2400多个,词10000多条,显示搭配、用法的词组和例句近60000个。
  • 词条按义项排列,查字方法简单、直观、便于查字查词。
  • 用汉语解释,释义科明、易懂;例句丰富,贴近生活。
  • 设“注意”约800处,“近义词辨析”150多组,插图约700幅。
  • 附录内容丰富,提供多种实用信息。
  • 版面活泼。双色套印,不同功能用不同颜色区别。
  • 适合中等汉语水平的外国学生使用。

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 1030 pages, 7.5"x5.4"
Item: The Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese
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