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Chinese Idioms and Their English Equivalents BLD075


This collection of over 4079 Chinese idioms and proverbs and 7000 English ones is aimed at teaching the learners of either language their proper uses. One important and interesting finding from working on this book is that languages of different cultures, customs, and traditions in countries so far apart geographically and with hardly any communication in ancient times could have developed similar metaphorical idioms and proverbs as can be seen in many examples in this volume. This should not be a surprise if the proverbial sayings represent the accumulated wisdom of the people acquired through experiences in life, as human nature is the same every where and has undergone very little change in human history.

1. 收錄漢語成語4,079 條,按漢語拼音排序。 2. 以漢語拼音注明標準普通話讀音。 3. 附英語對應成語近7,000條。 4. 列明同義及反義成語,方便相互參照。 5. 附中文筆畫索引及英文索引,方便查閱。 6. 本書用途廣泛,除可供華人學習英語及供英語人士學習漢語外,還適合翻譯工作者使用。

By Yong-zhen Chen, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 745 pages, 8.25"x5.5"
Item: Chinese Idioms and Their English Equivalents
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