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A New Learner's English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary BLD078


The popular student dictionary reflects the most recent developments in English and Chinese. An ideal tool for study, the dictionary,  in addition to core general vocabulary, now provides authoritative coverage of over 97,400 words and phrases from every major field of reference. Simplified and orthodox Chinese characters are used throughout the dictionary, and thousands of examples illustrate and expand on how and when a word can be used. This dictionary is an indispensable reference tool.

1. 收录新词新义,如汉英部分的粉丝博客网恋等。
2. 释义精准:
3. 释义力求精准、详尽、用语浅显易懂。
4. 例句典型:
5. 提供大量搭配与实用例句,以印证和深化词义、佐证用法。
6. 插图精美:附有16项专题分类彩色插图,以增加对词义的理解,提高学习兴趣。


Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 1103 pages, 6"x4.4"x1.95"
Item: A New Learner's English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary
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