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Essential Chinese Dictionary (Spanish Edition) BLD087


Essential Chinese Dictionary is designed for overseas learners to master the most frequently used 800 characters so as to enable them to communicate in the language within a short period of time. 1. 800 Chinese characters most frequently used in everyday expressions 2. Authentic, fresh and vivid examples ready for use in daily life 3. Convenient location of characters through either phonetic or radical reference 4. Easy-to-carry pocket edition 
《汉语800字》是一本专门为海外汉语学习者编写的实用字典,旨在让您通过掌握汉语中最常用的汉字,快速地掌握汉语,运用汉语进行交流。 1. 收录日常生活最常用的800个汉字及其常用表达方式。 2. 例词、例句清新活泼,口语性强。 3. 采用拼音检字法和部首检字法两种,方便易查。 4. 袖珍开本,随身携带,随时学习。 

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and Spanish, 535 pages, 6"x3.75"
Item: Essential Chinese Dictionary (Spanish Edition)
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