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Student Proverb Dictionary BLD107


This dictionary collectivized 534 proverbs (which are commonly taught and used in Hong Kong schools). With Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation, and art drawings, it's a suitable tool for any learner interested in Chinese heritage and language.
● 收錄534個最基本、最常見的成語
● 凡成語有簡體字寫法的,均予列出
● 註明標準普通話和廣州話讀音
● 解說文字清楚、準確、扼要
● 每條成語配插圖一幅,幫助理解,並是高閱讀興趣
● 各成語設2個例句,示範正確用法
● 個別成語說明出處,便於讀者掌握運用
● 指出易混淆字詞的正確寫法和讀法


Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters and English, 584 pages, 6.2"x4"
Item: Student Proverb Dictionary
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