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Xin Hua Large Dictionary BLD112


The latest edition of Xinhua Dictionary features the following aspects:

  • Character attributes - Providing the makeup of the structure, strokes, radicals, five-stroke input method, etc. The five-stroke input method plays a supporting role for readers not familiar with pinyin.
  • Text origin - The form of the sounds and meanings can help readers understand and use Chiense characters. Starting from the original meaning, it focuses on the ambiguity between the meanings of each word to help readers grasp better the word usage.
  • Analysis of synonyms - Using the perspective of cultural history, lanuage and culture combine to form similar meanings or emphasize differences between related words.
  • History of the word - Historical allusions from ancient stories introduce relevant cultural knowledge.
  • Four-body calligraphy - Font plays an important role in learning and the application of Chinese characters. For reference, the four common forms of calligraphy are used in travel books, cursive, official scripts, and seals.
  • Beautiful illustrations - Illustrations supplement the interpretation of content and provide readers with not only intuitive knowledge, but also in active discussion. This dictionary features more than 1500 illustrations, covering antiquities, art history, etc., with rich historical and cultural connotations.


  • :一、汉字属性。提供字形结构、整字笔画数、部首、五笔代码等汉字负载的相关信息。其中五笔代码一项,在电脑输入时,对不熟悉汉语拼音的读者能起到很好的辅助作用。
  • 二、文字源流。从字形分析入手,说明形、音、义之间的联系,帮助读者掌握和使用汉字。从本义出发,提纲挈领,阐述多义字各个义项间的联系,帮助读者全面掌握多义字的用法。
  • 三、同义辨析。从文化史的角度系统考辨同义词,把语言和文化有机地结合起来,重点考察意义相近或相关的字词之间的差别。
  • 四、字的故事。提供历代典籍中与该字有关的历史典故,并介绍相关的文化知识,极大地增强了本字典的阅读性。
  • 五、四体书法。字体在汉字的学习和应用中占有重要的地位,识字和写字都与字体有关系。本字典在常用字下列出行书、草书、隶书、篆书四种书法形式,以供读者参考。
  • 六、精美插图。插图是释义内容的补充,精美的插图既能给读者提供直观的知识,又能活跃版面。本字典配有1500余幅插图,内容涉及古代文物、历代名画等,具有丰富的历史文化内涵。

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character & Pinyin, 1200 pages, 8.5"x6.25"x2.5"
Item: Xin Hua Large Dictionary
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