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21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary BLD117


As the Chinese diaspora grew across the world, a set of region-specific vocabulary developed. The 21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary offers learners, teachers or anyone who works with the Chinese language, a handy reference for Chinese vocabulary used in different parts of the world.

  •  Contains a comprehensive volume of vocabulary, with approximately 88,400 entries on common and region-specific terms
  •  Region-specific vocabulary comes with specified location of use and alternative terms, making referencing convenient and easy
  •  Different usages are explained, enriching users’ vocabulary


  • 收录华语通用词语和特有词语约88 400条,词汇量周全
  • 注明特有词语的使用地区和异名词语,方便使用者轻易检查并参考词语
  • 同异兼收,展示丰富多样的华语词汇

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 2082 pages, 8.25"x5.8"
Item: 21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary
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