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300 Primary Chinese Characters BLD118


  • Designed for beginners to practice Chinese character writing
  • Serves as a supplementary resource for learners
  • Diverse exercises to monitor your own progress
  • Includes most frequently used characters in daily life and popular learning materials
  • Includes useful information aimed at giving tips for learning Chinese characters
  • 專為初學者設計的漢字習寫練習本,可作為華語學習的延伸教材
  • 內容豐富,包含日常用字與常見教材用字
  • 每字附有漢語拼音、英文釋義、筆畫數、筆順以及常用詞彙,易於掌握漢字核心意義與學習重點
  • 多樣化的練習題和實用的漢字資訊,便於了解自身學習進度並加強漢字習寫的能力

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 342 pages, 8.2"x5.8"
Item: 300 Primary Chinese Characters
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