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Xinhua Idiom Dictionary BLD120


This newly dictionary consists of over 10,000 widely-used and up-to-date idioms. Idioms are presented with clear and precise explanations and usage examples. This second edition includes:

  • Reviewing and adding more words, and included ancient and new idioms.
  • Comprehensive examination and improved interpretation.
  • Added examples from case-studies.
  • Rearranged sentence structures to show how idioms came to be.
  • Visual, colorful images to help interpretations.


  • 审核、调整词目,收词从第1版的8000余条增加到10000余条,增收大量古今常用成语及新近产生的成语。
  • 全面检查、改进释义。
  • 核查书证;补充及更换部分更典型、更恰当的书证。
  • 调整语源阐释方式,增加“语本”体例以表明成语定型之前的语源。
  • 以常用常见和兼顾语源为原则,对部分主副条进行调整。
  • 词典采用双色套印,条目释义部分用蓝色楷体表示,较第1版更为清晰、美观。

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 1185 pages, 7.5"x5.5"
Item: Xinhua Idiom Dictionary
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