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Move and Groove in Mandarin Chinese BLE246


This remarkably unique two-part series uses an engaging multisensory approach for the beginning non-native learner of Chinese. It aims to help young learners of Chinese enjoy the language by using original songs and music videos as a primary source of comprehensible input. While viewing, moving, listening, and singing, kids can build meaningful vocabulary. "Groovi Pauli" is the lively guide through the 10 sequential lessons. His friends' voices are also heard in the songs and child actors appear in videos to model language use. Mandarin Chinese is challenging, but young learners can make a fun first step while they move and groove! A DVD is included.Please view the table of content in Simplified Chinese characters.

本书适合子没有汉语背景和基础的孩子使用,学习者通过欣赏、演唱、表演原创性的、有趣的汉语歌曲,可以学习到汉语常用词汇和简单对话,歌曲曲调由 Paul I Haakenson 原创,融合了西方孩子喜欢的多种风格,除歌词外,每课还配有对话、生词和丰富多彩的练习,部分课文还配有与本课内容相关的情景短剧,让孩子们在丰富多彩的活动中,增强学汉语的兴趣,提高汉语水平,本书可作为幼儿或小学的汉语教材或辅助用书使用。请参阅详细中文目录.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 94 pages, 10.25"x7.25", 1 DVD
Item: Move and Groove in Mandarin Chinese
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