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Elementary School Chinese Textbook Teachers' Manual BLE305


This series of teaching books are complementary to the elementary school textbooks and are created to support the use of tests to help teachers make better use of textbooks, rational curriculum planning and design.


Books Titles:
Grade 1 Part 1 一年级上册
Grade 1 Part 2 一年级下册
Grade 2 Part 1 二年级上册
Grade 2 Part 2 二年级下册
Grade 3 Part 1 三年级上册
Grade 3 Part 2 三年级下册
Grade 4 Part 1 四年级上册
Grade 4 Part 2 四年级下册
Grade 5 Part 1 五年级上册
Grade 5 Part 2 五年级下册
Grade 6 Part 1 六年级上册
Grade 6 Part 2 六年级下册

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 197-293 pages/book, 8.3"x5.9"
Item: Elementary School Chinese Textbook Teachers' Manual
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