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Chinese Now! Exercise Book for Chinese Characters (Grade 1) BLE349


Chinese Now! is compiled for the Chinese immersion teaching of American primary schools. Other types of primary schools can also use it selectively for their Chinese teaching.  
The characteristics of this series of textbooks:
1. It is suitable for the general curriculum of the immersion teaching for primary Chinese, namely, half immersion of Chinese teaching, 5 days per week and 1 to 1.5 hours per day.
2. It is suitable for the characteristics of primary Chinese immersion teaching, following the general rule of foreign language learning and the characteristics of Chinese learning, and combining implicit learning and explicit learning, namely presenting in the form of stories, narration, and pictures description. Besides, it also includes the learning of implicit language elements (voice, vocabulary, grammar and character) and the training of communicative ability.
3. It is suitable for the practical situation of teaching, helping students learn Chinese through stories, activities, and games, ensuring that students have enough listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. It can help students accumulate Chinese characters solidly, improve the ability to listen, speak, read, and write steadily, and avoid stagnation in a certain stage caused by weak base of Chinese.
4. It aims to solve the problems about Chinese characters learning and the development of reading ability. In this series of textbooks, there are abundant Chinese character contents for helping students understand and remember Chinese characters through games, activities, and characters that can reflect their basic rules. These Chinese characters will appear repeatedly in different sections and situations to help students remember and accumulate. In addition, students can improve their ability to recognize and read Chinese characters through a lot of reading practice.
5. It can provide abundant teaching materials for teachers. Besides texts, this series of textbooks also provide rich Chinese teaching materials and suggestions about teaching and activities, such as comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, pattern drill, Chinese characters exercises, classifying vocabulary, verses, and ballads. All these can greatly save teachers’ time and provide some teaching instructions for novice teachers.
6. It provides a great amount of pictures (such as new word cards and teaching pictures) for the convenience of teachers providing scenes to help students to listen, speak, read and write, and help them understand the contents, inspiring them to learn and express.

1. 适合小学汉语沉浸式教学的一般课程设置,即50%沉浸式,每周5天,每天大约1~1.5小时的汉语教学。
2. 适合小学汉语沉浸式教学的特点,遵循外语学习的一般规律和汉语学习的特点,隐性学习和显性学习相结合,即以故事、叙事、看图说话的形式呈现,隐含语言要素(语音、词汇、语法、汉字)的学习和交际能力的培养。
3. 适合教学实际情况,寓汉语学习于故事、活动、游戏之中,切实保证学生有充足的听说读写活动,扎实积累汉语知识,稳步提高听说读写能力,避免由于基础不牢而在一定的阶段产生停滞。
4. 着力解决汉字学习和阅读能力发展问题。教材设计了充足的汉字学习内容,通过游戏、活动和书写反映汉字基本规则的汉字,帮助学生理解、记忆汉字;让汉字在各环节不同情境中反复出现,以加深记忆,扎实地积累汉字;通过大量的阅读实践,不断提高汉字认读和阅读能力。
5. 为教师提供充足的教学素材。本教材除了提供课文之外,还为教师提供了丰富的汉语教学材料和教学、活动的提示,如理解性问题、词汇练习、句型练习、汉字练习、分类词汇、韵文歌谣等,大大节省教师准备这些材料的时间,也为新手教师提供了一定的教学指导。
6. 为师生提供充足的图片(生词卡片、教学图片等),方便教师为学生提供听说读写的情景,帮助学生理解学习内容,激发学生的学习和表达欲望。

Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and Spanish, 99 pages, 10.8"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Now! Exercise Book for Chinese Characters (Grade 1)
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