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My Friend Chinese (3 Books) BLE352


This book is specially written for English-speaking children and focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Theme words, useful patterns, fun activities, exercise, and cultural topics are also provided. Origins and applications of Chinese characters introduced in each lesson. Character book with stroke sequence for writing practice.

Tops explored in the series: Ages, Animals, Body Parts, Clothes, Colors, Countries and Languages, Daily Routines, Days and Dates, Directions, Families, Food and Drinks, Fruits, Greetings, Leisure, Location Words, Numbers, Places, Professions, Stationary, Time, Transportation, Weather

針對小學生華語初學者所設計,《汉语我的好朋友 My First Chinese》是由 Live ABC 互動英語教學集團及韓國西江教育集團共同研發的華語學習叢書。本書透過主題式單元設計,讓孩子們從情境中學習語言、深化記憶和理解效率。插畫呈現活潑生動,教學點淺顯易懂,是少兒華語家庭自學或課室教學的絕佳教材選擇。

本書包含六個單元主題,每單元以情境對話帶出主題常用句及生詞語法,讓孩子透過精美對白插畫來認識語言,輕鬆學習華語。每單元內容皆分成八大學習步驟。系列包括學生本(包括Audio CD), 作業本, 寫字本。

By Hong-Ting Fang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32-62 pages/book, 11"x8.5"
Item: My Friend Chinese (3 Books)
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