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Fangcao Hanyu: Ling Series Learn to Read Chinese Characters BLE371


Fangcao Hanyu: Ling Series is suitable for children aged 7-12. It includes three volumes: Pinyin, Learn to Read Chinese Characters, and Reading, which are both independent and interrelated. Each book can be regarded as a menu from which the teacher chooses items and combines them freely according to the students’ Chinese proficiency for the sake of improving their Chinese language skills within a short period. 

Features of this series:

  • Practice-oriented, targeted at training students’ speaking and communication skills, its content organized based on the needs of instruction;
  • Stressing children’s self-directed learning and guiding students towards self-study, practice and application through the teaching of spelling skills, character recognition techniques and sample sentences; 
  • Boosting students’ interest in learning and enhancing their learning effect through a great number of children’s songs, games and fun exercises.

Pinyin book includes 20 lessons and 3 “Pinyin Garden” exercises, teaching a total of 23 initials, 24 finals, and 16 syllables / initial-final combinations (same as the Ministry of Education’s Yuwen, targeted at L1 pupils). The teaching content is arranged in a way that obverses the difficulty of the pinyin letters and the learning rules, with emphasis put on the development of speaking skills. Each lesson includes a key sentence of spoken Chinese to help children learn the correct pronunciation and have a better sense of the language.  
Learn to Read Chinese Characters includes 20 lessons and 4 “Chinese Garden” exercises. The book is divided into several themes, such as family, occupation, transportation, weather, hobbies, fruits, animals, etc. Children’s language competences are cultivated with words as units. A rich variety of fun nursery songs and classroom games are designed based on the content of each lesson. 
Reading includes 15 lessons and 3 “Chinese Garden” exercises. Each lesson contains an easy short passage. The passages cover a wide range of topics and expose students to a multicultural world to cultivate their Chinese competence and global horizons. The book presents substantial content and feasible steps of teaching. Teachers can create interactive activities based on the design of each lesson. 



  • 以实际运用为导向,以培养口语交际能力为目标,以教学需求为主线来组织学习内容。
  • 注重儿童自主学习,以拼读能力为先,引导学生自学与实践应用;关注识字方法和句式示范作用,引导学生拓展应用。
  • 教材中融入大量的儿歌、游戏、趣味练习等内容,激发学生学习兴趣的同时提升学习效果。


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English, 73-101 pages/book, 11.2"x8.4"
Item: Fangcao Hanyu: Ling Series Learn to Read Chinese Characters
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