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Chinese Festival Flash Cards and Poster Set - Simplified Characters BLF129


With these illustrated flash cards and wall charts series, you can learn more about five of the most important traditional festivals in China, the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival: It is easy to learn Chinese characters and words by reading, listening and speaking with Pinyin system (phonetic transcriptions). Of course, with English translation. Being designed in proof-water and toughness- strengthened technology, you can take the wall charts easy and ship it in envelop to friends. More information, visit our and our business partners website.

产品说明:这套卡片和挂图节日生肖盒装系列,您可以更多的了解中国五个最重要的传统节日:春节、元宵节、清明节、端午节、中秋节及传统十二生肖。在了解中 国传统文化的同时,每盒内装24张彩色习字卡、一张超大尺寸双面塑膜彩色挂图及产品介绍,上网密码。本系列产品精心设计,全彩四色,印装精美,可以有效防水;而且挂衅可以反复折叠,携带方便,可以随时随地带在身边进行汉语学习或用作教学用具

Flash Cards, 6.75"x4.5", 24 flash cards, Poster: 34.5"x22.75"
Item: Chinese Festival Flash Cards and Poster Set - Simplified Characters
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