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Mutant Love BLH219


Mutant Love has a graded reading level of 800-1000 Chinese vocabulary words for middle and high school students. This story takes place in China in the year 2050. Three 15-year-old high school students, Zhang Xiaotian, Zhu Fei, and Tang Guoguo, underwent a gene-enhanced surgery, from which these characters' relationship with each other changed dramatically. Zhang Xiaotian went from a low-esteem student to a popular boy, and Tang Guoguo does not like to participate in any activities beyond reading and reading. However, they must cooperate together when the principal was kidnapped, and with an oncoming threat to human society, they must prevent a disaster...



By Liang Jing, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 70-80 pages/book, 8"x 5.75"
Item: Mutant Love
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