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Follow Me Through - Reading Exercise Book BLH243


This workbook aims to help students master the new vocabulary in the sample texts from Follow Me Through BSL and BHL(2018). In doing the exercises herein students will gain a better understanding of the meaning of the vocabulary and its usage. In addition to vocabulary exercises, this book provides sentence exercises, in particular, exercises focusing on the “V+O structure” and conjunctions in complex sentences, thereby improving students’ ability to use Chinese sentence patterns. Also included are “True or False” and “Q&A” exercises to test students’ comprehension of whole passages.

本练习册旨在帮助学生学习《突破IB 中文B 普通课程难关》及《突破IB 中文B高级课程难关》(2018年新大纲版)一书例文中的新词语,通过练习更好地掌握新的词语,包括这些词语的意思和用法。除了词语练习,本练习册还设计了一些句子练习,特别是谓语动词和宾语搭配的句子练习,以及复杂句中连接词的使用等练习,目的是提高学生对中文句式熟练运用的程度。阅读理解不能少的是对整篇短文的理解,所以,本练习册也包括了判断对错和回答问题的练习。

Paperback, Vivienne Fung, Simplified Chinese characters, 136-142 pages/book, 11.3"x8.5"
Item: Follow Me Through - Reading Exercise Book
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