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IBDP Chinese A Booklet of Basic Concepts of Literature BLH253


The dictionary is a mini tool of learning basic knowledge of Chinese literature with around 500 words and terms, aiming to help students understand literary works and write literary commentary.

  • Wide range of words and terms. Combined with words and terms specified for literature courses, common words and terms of English literature are added.

  • Easy explanations. Words and terms are explained in an easy way according to exam requirements and actual scenarios of teaching for better understanding.

Vocabulary list with high frequency words. Referring to past exams, it highlights common topics, words that are frequently used in literary techniques and commentary.

· 詞條廣泛全面:結合文學課程的特點安排詞條,補充了常用的英文文學術語,還兼顧了語
· 釋義深入淺出:關聯考核要求、教學實際進行詞條釋義,解釋通俗易懂,配有作品實例。
· 高頻詞表助力備考:基於歷年考試真題,總結常見主題類別、主題高頻詞、文學技巧高頻


By Li Ping, Peng Zhen and Su Yuan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 196 Pages, 8.25"X5.5"
Item: IBDP Chinese A Booklet of Basic Concepts of Literature
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