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Follow Me Through IB Extended Essay BLH259


The book is based on the new IB assessment principles and practices which were issued in 2018 and will come into effect in 2020. Tailored for those who teach and study IB Chinese B courses, it aims to help students improve their essay writing performance, enhance their understanding of the Chinese language, and broaden their world view. Taking into account the criteria and process of IB extended essay, the book consists of two sections; namely, Instruction and Example Essays (with teacher's comments). Versions in simplified and traditional Chinese characters are included for the convenience of readers.

本书根据2018年颁布、2020年开始在考试中使用的IB考试新大纲编写,读者对象为IB中文 B课程的教师及学生,以提高学生考试论文的写作水平、加强对中文的理解和培养学生的国际 情怀为主要目标。本书按照IB论文写作规范及步骤,分为写作指导和范文示例两部分,范文部 分配有教师点评。本书分为简繁两部分,方便读者学习使用。 

By Vivienne Fung, Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, 240 pages, 11.22"x8.265"
Item: Follow Me Through IB Extended Essay
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