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The Culture Code: A Chinese Culture Course BLH269


Targeted at overseas Chinese learners and international students in China, The Culture Code: A Chinese Culture Course is a serial course based on Chinese culture themes. The 6 coursebooks which are designed with step-by-step progress to serve the respective needs of beginner-, intermediate- and advanced-level learners. 

The writing concept of this serial course is to cohere the inner relations between the sources of Chinese ideology and culture with the present-day China. Interweaving the overt theme of cultural knowledge and the covert theme of cultural factors, we endeavour to build a culture learning spiral that is selective rather than all-encompassing, evolving rather than fixed, open rather than closed, flexible rather than stereotypical. The ultimate aim is to assist learners to form a systematic impression of Chinese culture.

This serial course features 31 main themes across the 6 coursebooks, with 3 lessons hierarchically organized under each theme. It values the applicability of Chinese culture beyond borders.




By Yu Xiaozhi, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 165-166 pages/book, 11"x8.25"

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Item: The Culture Code: A Chinese Culture Course
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