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IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook BLH277


CHUFA is a two-volume textbook designed for IBDP Mandarin ab initio courses. It can also serve as an IBDP Mandarin ab initio coursebook for international schools and supplementary material for other beginning or intermediary-level Chinese courses. The defining features are:

1. Focus on five themes and twenty prescribed topics in the language ab initio guide;

2. Tailored for senior middle school students attending the IB course with a focus on their daily lives;

3. Provide such instructions as context, audience, purpose, meaning, and language variations to strengthen students’ understanding of the three text types stipulated in the new guide: personal texts, professional texts, and mass media texts. 

4. Design pre-class exercises and parts of the comprehensive exercises according to the Mandarin ab initio specimen papers. These exercises are presented in the same way as they would be on the IB exam to familiarize students with the exam questions. 

《出发》分为上、下两册,是一套专门为国际文凭大学预科项目汉语普通话初级课程编写的教材,同时也可作为国际学校IBDP Mandarin ab initio 课程的主教材使用,亦可作为其他汉语初中级水平课程的有益补充。该教材具有以下特点:1.单元设计紧扣新大纲五大主题和二十个指定话题;2.文本内容以国际文凭学生日常生活为主线,符合高中生的心理及认知水平;3.文本类型涵盖了新大纲所要求学习的个人文本、专业文本和大众传媒文本三大类型,并结合文本的情境、受众、目的、意义和中国语言的多样性来加深学生的理解;课前练习和部分课后综合练习均以新大纲考试样卷为范本编写,在题型设置和呈现格式上尽可能模拟真实考卷,以便加深学生对IB考题形式的理解。

Please note volume 2 is a Pre-Order book and it will be available in September 2022. If you need it sooner, please contact us for air freight option.

By Liu Jia, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 447 pages, 11.1"x8.5"
Item: IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook
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