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MYP Language and Literature Course Concept-based Teaching Guide BLH285


This is a teaching guidebook of IBMYP Language and Literature course, which illustrates the definition of concept-based teaching from the theoretical perspective. It also contains specific teaching samples of various writing genres, including the discussion of integrating method between MYP and DP courses, MYP and Chinese nine-year compulsory education courses.

  • Cling to the main theme of the course: The genuine guide of concept-based teaching.
  • Complete analysis of teaching method: From conceptual understandings, course settings, teaching plans, teaching implementations to teaching evaluations.
  • Provide teaching samples: Teaching evaluation records and specific examples.
  • Conform the needs: It doesn"t only contain the advice of connecting MYP and DP, but it also includes the theoretical guide which integrates with the course.

本書是國際文憑中學項目(I BMYP)語言與文學課程的教學指導,從理論層面詮釋了何爲概念驅動下的教學,針對不同文體提供了具體的單元教學案例;同時,根據針對MYP與DP課程的銜接、MYP 與國家課程的融合進行了探討。

  • 抓住課程核心精神:以概念驅動爲核心, 引導學生進行探究式學習,爲教師提供教學參考。
  • 全面涵蓋教學過程:從概念理解、課程設置、教學計劃、教學實踐、教學評估方面,給予全面指導。
  • 提供教學案例參考:針對不同文體, 從教學內容選擇,到教學過程安排,到教學評估實錄,提供具體案例。
  • 緊扣教師關注熱點:既有MYP與DP銜接的方法建議,又有與九年義務教育及高中語文融合課程的理論指導。

By Bingmei Chen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 243 pages, 11"x8.5"
Item: MYP Language and Literature Course Concept-based Teaching Guide
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