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IB MYP Language and Literature Grade 7 (Teacher's Book) BLH295


This series of books is a guide book for Chinese language and literature learning, tailored for students in grades 7-9 in international schools and for instructors teaching the course. There are six books in total, one students’ book and one teachers’ book for each grade. Closely following the latest IB curriculum framework, the articles in the books are selected from Chinese textbooks of junior middle schools which are compiled by the Ministry of Education of PRC. The books meet the requirements of both IB curriculum and junior middle school syllabus. Teachers' books have the following characteristics:
-Integrate the concept-based teaching, inquiry-based teaching, evaluation and ATL in IB MYP course, and incorporate relevant interdisciplinary materials and foreign literature in each unit.
-Focus on the basic language skills. The books follow China’s national Chinese language syllabus, in which the language points are consistent with the senior high school entrance examination. Teachers from different schools can select information and find appropriate teaching guide in this series of books according to their classroom requirements.
-Design the exercises, connecting to the IB PYP and IB DP projects. Each unit has the detailed unit plan and evaluation guide, which can help teachers collect teaching materials and use them for preparing the classes.


本系列书是为国际学校初中学生和老师量身打造的中文语言与文学学习指导用书,共六册,七、八、九年级每个年级包含学生用书和教师用书各一册。本系列书根据IB MYP课程框架编写而成,教学内容选自部编版语文教材,可以同时满足IBO与中国教育部(全日制)初中语文教学大纲要求。教师用书具有如下特点:

● 融入IB MYP 课程中的概念教学、探究教学、评估、ATL,每单元加入跨学科设计和外国文学的相关内容。

● 注重语文基础能力的培养,教学内容符合中国国家语文教育大纲,知识点与中考一致,有不同需求的教师均可从中找到科学、合理的教学建议。

● 练习部分注重与IB PYP 和IB DP 项目的衔接,每单元有详细的单元计划与评估指南,方便教师积累教学过程性材料,便于教研组备课。

By Zhang Weizhi Li Ye Wang Xiaoyue, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 77 pages, 11.3"x8.3"
Item: IB MYP Language and Literature Grade 7 (Teacher's Book)
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