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Official Actual Tests of HSK (MP3) BLK055


Official Examination Papers of HSK•2014 Edition series includes 7 volumes. Official Examination Papers of HSK Level 1~6 consists of 5 sets authentic examination papers, answers, listening materials, answer sheet and supporting MP3 recording; HSKK consists of 5 sets of authentic examination papers for each level of elementary, intermediate and advanced, listening materials and supporting MP3 recording. This series is the only appointed publication of HSK and HSKK Examination in 2014 by Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hanban. Publication according to levels helps examinees conveniently choose the specific level that they need. It provides precious opportunity for examinees to experience the real examination modes. That’s necessary books for examinees and teacher to understand the test contents, do targeted self-test and prepare for HSK Examinations.

《HSK真题集(2014版)》系列共6册:HSK1~6级每册包含相应等级的5套考试真题、答案、听力材料及配套MP3光盘;HSKK包含初、中、高三个等级各5套考试真题、听力材料及配套MP3光盘。本系列是孔子学院总部/国家汉办指定的2013年HSK和HSKK考试的唯一官方正式出版版本,按级别分册的方式方便考生根据需求有针对性地选择使用。本系列为考生提供了体验真实考试的机会,是考生和教师了解考试内容并有针对性地进行自测和备考的必备用书。 主要特色如下:
★ 由国家汉办唯一授权出版的2013年HSK考试真题集,内容权威
★ 包含各级别考试真题,题量丰富,备考针对性强
★ 考生既能把握真题考试方向,又能检验学习成效,测试自己水平和程度
★ 真题听力均来自考场原音,听力原文均在答案解析中精准呈现
★ 教师了解考试内容并有针对性地进行辅导的必备参考书
★ 随书赠送光盘以及高仿真答题卡,让考生提前适应考试答题规则

Book Titles:
Level 1 一级
Level 2 二级
Level 3 三级
Level 4 四级
Level 5 五级
Level 6 六级
HSKK 真题集

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 80-161 pages, 11.25"x8.25", MP3
Item: Official Actual Tests of HSK (MP3)
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