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Focusing on conversation, Chinese Express - Joy Chinese in 3 Months is designed for beginners who have classes twice or three times a week. The full course can be finished in three months. The lessons begin with proper pronunciation of Mandarin. Then students will learn "Greetings", "Introducing Yourself", "What is This", and other common encounters, as well as some special Chinese sentence structures which are very popular in daily oral Chinese. Chinese Express - Joy Chinese in 3 Months is also a good choice for people who would like to take an intensive course before going to China for business or pleasure. An audio CD is included.

Chinese Express 2 - Joy Chinese Intermediate Course is an intermediate Chinese course following the publication of Chinese Express - Joy Chinese in 3 Months. Besides carrying on the book’s original style, development is made in the following aspects: topics on a person’s basic daily needs are extended to life and culture; vocabulary and grammatical points are enlarged; degree of difficulty is increased and types of questions become more diversified. There are 15 lessons altogether, which cover almost all the things that learners are concerned about, for instance, "Traveling in China", "Cultural Gap", "Surfing the Internet", "Seeing a Movie", "Housing in China", "Buying a Car in China", "Environmental Problems in China". Every lesson consists of a text, new words, grammatical points and exercises. The teaching materials in this book are eye-catching for short-term learners and meet their needs because of the catchy topics, up-to-date contents and practical exercises. After learning this book, students will be able to quickly learn the skills on spoken Chinese and lay some foundation for advanced study of Chinese. English explanations and notes are used in this book and 1 CD is attached. In this CD, texts, new words and some listening exercises are included. In Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English.

<<汉语快车: 90天汉语速成>>是专门为短期汉语学习者编写的教材,适合公司培训/学校短期班教学。既适合来华学生,也适合海外学习者。本书采用英文讲解和注释,内容与日常生活密切相关。本书最大的特点就是:针对来华工作人员及其家属,量身订做,不求系统学习汉语知识,只求快速掌握汉语口语,达到生存和交流的目的!全书20课,第一课学习简单的汉语拼音知识;2-19课为18个交际话题;第20课为测试。通过本书的学习,可掌握购物/问路/会客等日常交际方面的基本会话,能进行自我介绍/叙述事情的基本经过。<<汉语快车2:中级汉语教程>>是继《汉语快车》零起点教程之后的中级汉语教程,在继承原有风格的基础上,进行了扩展,话题从最基本的生存需求扩展到生活与文化的更大层面,词汇量、语法点相应增加,学习难度增强,练习题型更加多样。全书共15课,涵盖了学习者普遍关注的话题,如“在中国旅行”“文化差异”“上网”“看大片”“中国人的住房”“在中国买车”“中国的环境问题”等。每课由课文、生词、语法点、练习等几部分构成。话题时尚,内容现代,练习实用,能够抓住短期学习者的兴趣点,符合他们的需求。学完本书,学习者可以迅速掌握汉语口语技能,同时为进入汉语高级阶段的学习打下一定的基础。本书采用英文讲解和注释,并随书附赠录音光盘1张,录有课文、生词和听力练习部分的内容。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English, 154-168 pages, 11.25"x8.25", 1 CD
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