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Getting Started Confidence Chinese Vol. 1 BLL044


Confidence Chinese is a textbook written for beginners who would like to learn Chinese and have little knowledge or experience in learning a foreign language. It can be used as a course-book for learners in universities, schools, language programmes and for private learning. This book is designed to develop listening and speaking skills at a beginner level. Vocabulary and daily events have been built into the book, covering topics such as greetings, giving your name, calling a taxi, ordering in a restaurant and booking a hotel room. With 36 chapters that cover specific situations, cultural tips and characters for writing practise. An audio CD is included to help students their listening and speaking skills.

Paperback, Pinyin, Simplified Chinese Character and English, 279 pages,7.25"x10", 1 Audio CD
Item: Getting Started Confidence Chinese Vol. 1
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