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Chinese 300 - Learn 10 Sentences in a Day BLL065


Chinese 300 (Revised Edition) is designed to help students who take short courses in Chinese. It may be used either as a basic textbook or as a drill book for listening and speaking by the beginners or those who have mastered about 1,000 Chinese words. The book focuses on everyday conversational Chinese and is task-oriented. Students will be able to speak as they learn and gradually improve their listening and speaking abilities. The 30 lessons cover as completely as possible every situation that people living and visiting in China may encounter. Each lesson consists of five parts: 10 basic sentences, substitution drills, dialogues, English equivalents of new words, and supplementary words and expressions. For the convenience of the beginners, all the basic sentences, new and supplementary words and expressions are provided with their equivalents in English. The 300 sentence patterns selected include basic sentence patterns and will help students learn the rules of the Chinese language, in addition to conversational usage. Please review the table of content in Simplified Chinese characters.


Contents:Greetings; Asking About Name; Talking About Language; Talking About Family; Asking About Address; Asking About Things; Asking About Date and Time; Making  a Telephone Call; At a Shop ( I ); At  a Shop ( II ); At a Restaurant; Asking the Way; On a Bus; Hair Cut; Seeing a Doctor; At a Laundry; Changing Money; At a Foreign Languages Bookstore; At a Post Office; At a Library; At a Photo Studio; Sightseeing in Beijing; Watching TV; Watching Peking Opera; Seeing a Film; Travelling Outside Beijing; Buying Train Ticket; Talking About What have been Learned; Packing Up; Seeing Someone Off at the Airport.

Revised Edition, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 214 pages, 8"x5.4", 1 CD
Item: Chinese 300 - Learn 10 Sentences in a Day
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