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Practical Chinese Reader Series BLL090


Practical Chinese Reader Series prepared by the Beijing Languages Institute and intended for foreign learners in a course of modern Chinese at universities or secondary schools. The beginning level consists of two volumes with 50 lessons and a vocabulary of 1,000 basic words.
The situations provided in this textbook centre around two foreign students who study Chinese first in their own country (Book I) and then in China (Book II). Priority is given to everyday expressions concerning clothing, food, housing, communication, entertainment, social intercourse, etc. And the learners may also get some useful background information regarding China's culture, history, local customs and present-day conditions.
Basic Chinese phonetics and grammar are delt with in a way that best solves the specific difficulties of foreign learners. Each lesson is supplemented with a wide and varied selection of exercises. Volume 3 and Volume 4 continues the Practical Chinese Reader series at an intermediate level. Each lesson focuses on an interesting and relevant topic to enhance cultural knowledge and improve communicative skills. Topics include history, education, economy, medicine, sports, literature and art, newspapers and broadcasting, marriage and family life, and scenic and historical sites. In simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin. Practical Chinese Reader Character Exercise Books and Teacher's Manuals are available.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters with Pinyin, Vol.1:552 pages, Vol.2:506 pages, Vol.3:393 pages, Vol.4:381 pages, 8"x5.5"
Item: Practical Chinese Reader Series
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