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Practical Rhythmic Chinese BLL094


Practical Rhythmic Chinese provides a totally different and new learning approach to students longing to learn to speak Chinese well by taking advantage of the melodious and rhythmic nature of the Chinese language. It combines the Chinese traditional method of read-aloud with modern Chinese daily expressions that also facilitate learning to recognize and write commonly-used Chinese characters.
Written with only a little more than 400 commonly-used Chinese characters, containing more than fifty easy-to-learn rhythmic verses and covers more than one hundred most basic Chinese grammatical points. Every lesson has five parts: Listen and Read, Read and Speak, Understand, Practice, Writing, the explanations and exercises are prasupplementary.  In this book you can find practical and resourceful information, explanations and supplementary exercises.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 435 pages, 9.15"x6.75", 1 MP3 CD
Item: Practical Rhythmic Chinese
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