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Snowballing Chinese BLL121


This book is designed to teach Chinese in a faster paced, snowball like method. It is designed for high school or university students, and adults who have acquired the basics of Chinese. The book introduces frequent used Chinese characters, along with easy-to-understand new phrases. Each text is simple and in a readble length for learners whose can read limited Chinese. The words and expressions are used frequently and reoccur in many texts, like snowballing, so that the students can use them more frequentlythem. thus memorize them. The 19 lessons in the textbook cover topics ranging from politics, the economy, to a multitude of social issues. Each lesson is comprised of a text, vocabulary (Chinese-English, French, German, Spanish), expressions and exercises. A short Chinese story called Mao Yingzhu, with a vocabulary of 900 Characters, is included at the end of the book. This story reinforces studentsí ability to recognize Chinese characters and develop their confidence as well as have a sense of achievement. MP3 format audio CD for the complete textbook is included.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, English, French, Germany and Spanish, 127 pages, 11.25"x8.25", 1 CD
Item: Snowballing Chinese
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