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Experiencing Chinese Oral Course BLL131


Experiencing Chinese Oral Course is designed for long term learning. It is compiled with references to The Teaching Outline for the Foreign Students of Chinese Majors of Higher Education Institutions (Long-term learning) and International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education. This series employs the Experiencing Teaching theory to make students learn Chinese through speaking,  which also takes advantage of task-based language teaching and learning. This series helps teachers design content-based class activities and promote interaction and intercommunication in class. Experiencing Chinese Oral Course consists of 8 books, each of which has 18 lessons and 2 to 4 review lessons. Each lesson contains 2 to 3 objectives and 4 to 5 texts within one theme. Because the book includes various types of exercises, complete understanding of the material is ensured. The included CD ROM will further assist both teachers and students. Each lesson is suitable for 6 to 8 teaching hours. Please click here to view more details


Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 304 pages, 11.1"x8.3", 1 CD-ROM/book
Item: Experiencing Chinese Oral Course
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