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345 Spoken Chinese Expressions (Textbook & Workbook) BLL151


345 Spoken Chinese Expressions is a series of textbooks for students of short-term courses and self-learners at the beginning stage to practice oral Chinese. The whole series focuses on 345 frequently used sentence patterns, covering a full range of the sentence patterns, grammar and vocabulary in the elementary level. It is divided into four volumes, each of which includes a textbook, leaflets of practices and tests, and an accompanying audio CD in the MP3 format.

《汉语口语345》是一套适合初级短期班和初级自学者的汉语口语句型操练教材,全套教材以345个常用句式为核心,全面涵盖初级句型、语法和词汇,共分为四册,每册包含课本和练习、测试活页,并配有录音MP3. 请参阅第1, 2, 3, 4 册课本的目录和第13 册课本的样页。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 148-234 pages, Workbook: 98-132 pages, 9.5"x7.15", 1 CD
Item: 345 Spoken Chinese Expressions (Textbook & Workbook)
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