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Learn Chinese Through Stories BLL159


This is a set of Chinese textbooks which are designed for those who have already studied basic Chinese. The set includes 70 stories in two volumes that should take around 220 hours to complete learning. 100 basic characters are provided at the very beginning of the books. These 100 characters have been chosen according to authoritative statistics relating to word frequency and the stories have been developed with these characters in mind.

The stories in each volume are arranged according to the difficulty. After each story, there is a sentence pattern section where the words and structures of the story are described. English translation is available for new vocabulary words.

本书针对汉语初学者设计,分为两册,每册各包含35个幽默小故事,每课课文都配有生动有趣的插图,另页标注拼音方便初学者理解和诵读。课后的句型例解和生词注解可以帮助学习者掌握学习重点和难点,课后练习主要考查学习者对内容的理解和把握,并通过复述的形式锻炼学习者的口头表达能力。   本书作者长期执教于海外,具有丰富的对外汉语教学经验.在选取课文材料时充分考虑到了中外文化的差异,尽量选取带有文化普遍性的故事,使初学汉语的外国人容易理解,感觉不到障碍,在轻松幽默的气氛中学会汉语的表达方式。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 162-173 pages, 7.3"x9", 1 CD
Item: Learn Chinese Through Stories
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