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Chinese Grammar Broken Down Into 100 Items BLL162


Chinese GrammaróBroken down into 100 Items (Basic and Intermediate Levels) comprises 100 carefully selected difficult grammar points foreigners often meet in learning Chinese and provides these points with elaborate explanations and well-targeted exercises. These explanations and exercises will help the learners reduce their grammatical mistakes and quickly improve their Chinese proficiency.
In order to facilitate the learnersí use, two model tests for HSK grammar are provided at the end of the book, and a supplementary handbook is attached to the book, containing basic knowledge of Chinese grammar, a concise version of the 100 items and reference answers to the exercises and model tests. Because of its small size, the handbook is convenient for the learners to carry and review.
This book is suitable for learners with basic and intermediate Chinese proficiency, especially for the candidates for HSK tests. Besides, it is also a good reference book for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. Please view the table of content.

《汉语语法百项讲练》(初中级)精选了外国人学习汉语的语法难点100 项,逐一进行详细的讲解和针对性的练习。通过这100 个语法点的讲解和练习,学习者可减少汉语语法错误,迅速提高汉语水平。为方便学习者实用,本书最后附有两套HSK 语法模拟测试题,还专门编写了附加手册,内容包括:汉语语法基本知识、汉语语法百项精简版、练习题及测试题参考答案。附加手册开本较小,方便学习者随身携带、及时复习。本书适合具有初、中级汉语水平的汉语学习者使用,尤其适用于准备参加HSK 的考生,也是对外汉语教学工作者的良好教学参考。请参阅详细中文目录.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 372 pages, Handbook: 96 pages, 11.25"x8.3"
Item: Chinese Grammar Broken Down Into 100 Items
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