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Access Chinese Student Book BLL169


Access Chinese gives a new perspective to teaching and learning Chinese by harmonizing 3 key elements of learning a second language creatively:

1.Intertwining language with culture
2.Balancing focus on forms and meaning
3.Developing literacy skills through both oral and written Chinese.

This book treats culture as the glue that connects the units by following the story lines of a twin brother and sister learning Chinese in two contexts (China vs. US). Access Chinese provides essential tools for communication throughout the story development while at the same time engaging learners in acquiring additional vocabulary and grammar by contextualizing these elements in further communicative tasks. Also, Access Chinese uses colloquial Chinese as a starting point for engaging the learner while also introducing the nuance of Chinese philosophy and deeply imbedded Chinese etiquettes and rituals in communication to bring about the curiosity and appreciation of the language and culture.


By Jun Liu, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 210 pages/book, 11.2" x 8.4"
Item: Access Chinese Student Book
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