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Excel Chinese: An Easy Starter BLL170


The Excel Chinese: An Easy Starter series of three volumes is an international Chinese training material used by Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press. It is a comprehensive introductory textbook targeting Chinese learners using English as the medium of instruction. This book is the first volume of the series and it is for learners of zero-basis, written by teachers with years of Chinese education experience to foreigners. It has high interest, lovely layout, cultural comparison, and it is in a scientifically arranged step to improve children's communication ability in Chinese. Please view English Table of Content.

卓越汉语系列教材是外研社针对非学历型外国学生在培训项目中学习基础汉语及专业汉语的实际需求,专门组织国内外多所高等院校及培训机构的教学专家编写,并全新推出的一整套教学资源解决方案。卓越汉语 轻松入门作为其中的综合性基础汉语培训教材,由厦门大学长期从事对外汉语教学的一线教师执笔,分三册,是以教学媒介语为英语的汉语学习者为对象编写的一套综合性快速入门教材。本书是此系列教材的第一册。请参阅本书的中文目录

By Li Rurong, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 157 pages, 11.02"x8.26", 1 MP3
Item: Excel Chinese: An Easy Starter
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