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New Target Chinese Spoken Language BLL171


This is a set of conversation textbooks following the task-based teaching ideas. Being objective-oriented and task-based in communication, it combines the topics, functions and culture, so as to artistically integrate the form and meaning. It is suitable for total beginners of Chinese language and can be used by students of short-term or long-term training programs. The book includes 10 units, such as greetings, talking about age and Chinese Zodiac, talking about one’s nationality and hometown, talking about one’s daily schedule, meals, shopping, hobbies and sports, etc. Each unit includes several objectives of the tasks and helps learners to achieve language acquisition when carrying out the tasks. It provides the English translation, full-color illustrations and pictures of the real objects. There is a recording CD in addition.

本套教材是以“任务式” 教学理念为指导的口语技能型教材,以交际目标为导向,以任务为主线,将话题、功能、文化相结合,达到形式与意义的有机统一。适用于零起点初级水平汉语学习者,既可供短期速成班使用,也可供长期进修生使用。全书共有10个话题单元,如打招呼、谈年龄和属相、谈国籍和家乡、谈日程安排、谈饮食、购物、谈爱好和运动等。每个单元包含若干任务目标,要求学习者在完成任务的过程中,实现语言习得的目标。全书配有英文翻译,配四色插图和实物图片,并配有录音光盘。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 244-258 pages, 11.2" x 8.4", CD
Item: New Target Chinese Spoken Language
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