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Learn Chinese With Jokes BLL175


Learn Chinese With Jokes is written specifically for high school students and adults who have learned Chinese or are studying beginning Chinese, but who know very few Chinese characters. The simple, accessible structure of jokes allows readers to acquire almost 1,000 new Chinese characters. Employing computer technology, the author analyzed newspapers, journals and books to identify the highest frequency words in Chinese. These words were then used to write jokes that help readers to learn to read the characters while enjoying humorous stories that constantly build their vocabulary. The jokes are accompanied by pinyin and English translations that assist the learner in mastering correct pronunciation. Vocabulary is included with each joke and at the end of the book. Once they have completed the book, students will be able to read newspapers and books in simple Chinese and write short articles with the help of a computer.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 160 Pages, 8.4"x6"
Item: Learn Chinese With Jokes
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