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Chinese Grammar for English Speakers (English Edition) BLL187


A Chinese Grammar for English Speakers serves English-speaking college students, Chinese language instructors, and general readers interested in the comparative study of Chinese and English. This book offers a systematic presentation and careful explanations of Chinese grammar, including the use of punctuation and copious amounts of cultural and historical information about the Chinese language. One unique feature of this grammar is its comparative approach: it explicates and compares Chinese grammar with that of English, points out the areas of differences and similarities, and provides a broad view of the two languages, thus making the Chinese language more accessible to English learners. Another distinguishing feature of this grammar is its basis in praxis rather than theory; it is user-friendly and avoids jargon. It may serve as both a reference grammar and a pedagogical grammar and provides a wealth of illustrative sentences with pinyin and English translations along with a wide range of vocabulary. It presents grammar from the broad spectrum of humanities rather than from a single, isolated discipline or via a long list of dry rules。详细内容请参阅中文目录


Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 580 pages, 8.4"x6.3"
Item: Chinese Grammar for English Speakers (English Edition)
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