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Interesting Cantonese Series BLL191


This "Interesting Cantonese Series" effectively teaches students how to speak Cantonese.  Completed with English Entries, Romanized Transcriptions and Chinese Characters. Covers over 3,000 essential words, 500 verbs, 250 adjectives, adverbs, vocabularies, phrases and expressions. It is simple, lively, interesting, practical and systematic. The scope of vocabulary includes household wares, clothing, business, medical, slangs, news, crime and etc.




Book Titles:
Interesting Cantonese: Vol. 1 For Beginners & Intermediate Level 自學初級及中級廣東話
Interesting Cantonese: Vol. 2 For Intermediate & Advanced Level 自學流利廣東話
Interesting Cantonese: Vol. 3 Speak Fluent and Elegant Cantonese 說流利而優美的廣東話

By Susanna Ng, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, pinyin and English, 257-538 pages/book, 8.25"x5.5", 3-4 CDs, 1 MP3
Item: Interesting Cantonese Series
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