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Chinese for Living in China BLL193


Chinese for Living in China is a series in four volumes, each volume with ten lessons. It covers beginning and intermediate levels of Chinese, and is written with English speaking students in mind. The series is geared to practical matters, with lessons directly related to the kinds of things foreigners living in China encounter in their daily life: changing money, buying things, getting one's hair styled, going to a restaurant, taking a taxi, seeing a doctor, staying at a hotel, finding a place to rent, taking a train, plane or subway, studying or teaching in a school, working at a company, arranging travel in China, attending cultural events and so on. The series has a broad variety of drills and exercises, covering the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each lesson includes pattern practice, pronunciation drills, role playing, listening comprehension exercises and comprehensive review. Please click for individual table of contents

《真实生活汉语》系列教材共4册,每册10课,是专为欧美学生编写的初中级汉语教材。 本系列教材实用性强。编写的课文与外国学习者在中国的现实生活直接相关,如:换钱,购物,理发,上饭馆,打的,看病,住宾馆,租房,坐火车、飞机、地铁,在学校上课或教书,在公司上班,安排在中国的旅游,文化参观等。 本教材练习形式丰富多样,从听说读写全方位对学习者进行训练。每课包括:句式练习、发音训练、角色扮演、听力练习、综合复习等。 全套教材可供两年使用。 本教材不仅配有录音光盘,还可以通过扫描书中的二维码,找到相应录音。请点击查看分册目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 265-298 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25", 1 Audio CD
Item: Chinese for Living in China
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